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So Many Reasons To Join Our Wine Clubs...


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Can't get enough of Rancho Guejito? Join the Vintner's Club! We don't have a secret handshake, but our Club has perks that will sweep you off your feet!

Vintner's Club

It's easy to sign up with no upfront fees! Members receive four bottles of their choice of wine six times per year in February, April, June, August, October, and December (at a 20% discount!). Members also enjoy complimentary tastings of our fine estate wine at our tasting room for you and a guest, 20% off on wine and 25% off on cases.


Rove the Ranch

As a wine club member, you'll be invited to tour remote, rarely seen areas of Rancho Guejito. Enjoy brief presentations at each tour stop to learn mour about our ranch history, archeology, geology, geography, and agriculture. An outdoor buffet with live music and wine tasting completes your exclusive tour experience.

More Benefits

Members get 4 “points” per open day to use how they would like. We receommend sharing with a friend!:
  • Glass of Wine (5 ounces) = 1 point
  • Mimosa, Sangria, or Slushee (when available) = 1 point
  • Wine Tasting or Rosé Flight = 2 points
  • 20% off wine, tasting room food, Rancho Guejito Beef, select events, and merchandise.
  • 25% off case purchases
  • Invitations to tour the main ranch

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** Rancho Guejito and Rancho Guejito Vineyard reserve the right to open event ticket sales to the public (non-wine club members) at substantially higher prices should events not reach necessary capacity.